Gloaming Nubians

Gloaming Volt's Tabasco

Goat , Nubian , Kid (male) |red and white

ADGA# tbd | DOB: 4/24/2023

Sire: Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Nubian Buck (male) Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r

ADGA# N2146629 DOB: 6/16/20204 yrs
Gloaming Saffron’s Booker is one of our herd sires. He is CAE negative and is G6S normal. Booker was appraised as a yearling in August 2021 with a score of + V V 85. We were appraised in September 2023 while Booker was in full rut. Booker scored V,E,V with a final result of 87. His dam, Saffron has a very correct topline and a lovely udder. She produced 2596 lbs of milk in 315 days as a first freshener. Saffron has had an extended lactation and has produced 2880 lbs of milk in 408 days w ...
  | ADGA# N2146629 | Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r
Dam: Gloaming Rye's Volt

Gloaming Rye's Volt

Nubian Doe (female) brown, black trim, white on r elbow

ADGA# N1990142 DOB: 4/23/20186 yrs
Volt's dam is Rye, a large black doe with a lovely udder that is easy to milk. Rye produced 2692 lbs of milk (105P, 130F) in 363 days. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal score was 90 E V V E as a 6 year old. She was appraised in August 2018 with a final score of 87 (V,E,V,V) as a 7 year old. Her completed 2018 lactation was 312 1252 44P 59F. Volt's sire was Pharaoh. Volt is a red doe with a white elbow, a nice body, and a nice udder. She completed her 2020 lactation with 1734 lbs of milk in 296 da ...
  | ADGA# N1990142 | brown, black trim, white on r elbow
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Volt is our best milker so this little purebred buck will have some potential to be a good junior herd sire and add some color too. His sire is Booker who is a very large yet genial buck with good milking bloodlines.

Sold to Buddy Collins

Updated 8/1/2023