Gloaming Nubians

Farm News - Updated 9/16/23

Gloaming Nubians

We've been raising Nubians since 1982 with our focus on animals that will be structurally correct and give lots of milk. We don't show often but we are on DHIR and are appraised yearly.

We milk year-round and our does often produce milk for extended lactations of greater than 400 days.

Most of the older does have earned their * for milk production.

Most of our doe kids are from does with linear appraisal scores of 87 and higher and mammaries with a score of V or E.

Our animals were appraised in September 2023, not the best time for appraisal. Voltand Saffron achieved a final linear appraisal score of 91. Winesap scored 90 and Lumen scored 88.

(Updated 9/16/23)

Here is the list of the breedings and the approximate kidding dates. We have chosen a naming convention for this year - it is chili peppers!.

First fresheners:
Meroe/Booker; 12/20 - triplet does: $175 each (PB Nubian); all does sold
Jebel/Booker; 12/22 - twin does; $125 each (Am Nubian); both does sold
Amititare/Booker; 12/26 - single buckling; $200 (PB Nubian); sold

Current milkers:
Coriander/Booker; 1/15; 2 PB Nubian doelings, kids will be $300. These are really nice doe kids!
Winesap/Obie; 1/23; kids sold
Harper/Obie; due 2/17; 1 Am. Nubian doe kid will be $200, two buck kids have been sold. The doe kid is still available.
Angel's Envy/Obie; 3/26, bucklings sold
Saffron/Obie; 3/28; Am. Nubian buckling sold
Bel/Obie; 4/17; Am. Nubian doeling will be $200; buckling will be $150. Kids have been sold.
Toby/Pelee (Hooper), 4/15; two PB Nubian bucklings will be $250. One buck kid is still available.
Volt/Booker; 4/25; two PB Nubian bucklings will be $250, one doeling - $300. Bucklings were sold but the doe is still available
Lumen/Obie; due 5/12; Am. Nubian kids will be $250 - 300, Really nice buckling is available.