Gloaming Nubians

Gloaming Winesap's buck #1

Goat , Nubian , Kid (male) |red brown, black & white trim

ADGA | DOB: 1/23/2023

Sire: Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Nubian Buck (male) Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r

ADGA# N2146629 DOB: 6/16/20203 yrs
Gloaming Saffron’s Booker is one of our herd sires. He is CAE negative and is G6S normal. Booker was appraised as a yearling in August 2021 with a score of + V V 85. We were appraised in September 2023 while Booker was in full rut. Booker scored V,E,V with a final result of 87. His dam, Saffron has a very correct topline and a lovely udder. She produced 2596 lbs of milk in 315 days as a first freshener. Saffron has had an extended lactation and has produced 2880 lbs of milk in 408 days w ...
  | ADGA# N2146629 | Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r
Dam: Gloaming Rye's Winesap

Gloaming Rye's Winesap

Nubian Doe (female) red

ADGA# N17671999 DOB: 1/1/20168 yrs
Winesap was appraised in August 2018 with a final score was 87 (V,V,+,V). Her completed 2018 lactation was 466 2142 100P 123F. We were not appraised in 2019. Winesap completed her 2019 lactation with 281 1594 68P 83F. She completed her 2020 lactation with 305 1295 54P 74F. Because she was dry, she was not appraised in August 2021. She was bred to Pelee (Hooper) and kidded on 12/8/21 with two does and a buck. Winesap is giving about 8 lbs a day, two weeks after kidding. We were appr ...
  | ADGA# N17671999 | red
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Updated 3/23/2023