Gloaming Nubians

Gloaming Jebel's Josie

Goat , Nubian , Kid (female) |med brown w lg white spot on head

ADGA# TBD | DOB: 12/22/2022

Sire: Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Gloaming Saffron's Booker

Nubian Buck (male) Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r

ADGA# N2146629 DOB: 6/16/20203 yrs
Gloaming Saffron’s Booker is a promising young herd sire. He is CAE negative and is G6S normal. Booker was appraised as a yearling in August 2021 with a score of + V V 85. He has matured a lot and is bigger than his sire! His dam, Saffron has a very correct topline and a lovely udder. She produced 2596 lbs of milk in 315 days as a first freshener. Saffron has had an extended lactation and has produced 2880 lbs of milk in 408 days with 126 lbs of butterfat and 105 lbs of protein. She was ...
  | ADGA# N2146629 | Lt br/roan, white feet & spot on r
Dam: Gloaming Coriander's Jebel

Gloaming Coriander's Jebel

Nubian Doe (female) brown, black & white trim

ADGA# tbr DOB: 3/5/20212 yrs
Jebel is a first freshener and has a lovely udder. Jebel is CAE negative. We were appraised in September 2023 and Jebel scored V,V,V,A with a final score of 83. So far in this lactation, Jebel has produced 1494 lbs of milk in 253 days.
  | ADGA# tbr | brown, black & white trim
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This goat will be sold to Phyllis

Updated 1/16/2023