Gloaming Nubians

Gloaming Rye's Joule

Goat , Nubian , Buck (male) |brown, white on left flank

ADGA# N1990136 | DOB: 4/23/2018

Sire: Descoteaux CPL Pharaoh

Descoteaux CPL Pharaoh

Nubian Buck (male) white with brown and grey patches

ADGA# N1779176 DOB: 2/3/20168 yrs
Pharaoh is very striking buck with his large patches of color on a white background. His sire is *B Lynnehaven KB Crown Point Light and his dam is Kecskemet SD Amneris. Pharaoh has sired some growthy kids with very correct toplines.
  | ADGA# N1779176 | white with brown and grey patches
Dam: SG Gloaming Seine's Rye

SG Gloaming Seine's Rye

Nubian Doe (female) black with white ears and nose

ADGA# N1595997 Deceased
Rye is a large black doe with a lovely udder that is easy to milk. She produced 2692 lbs of milk (105P, 130F) in 363 days. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal score was 90 E V V E as a 6 year old. Rye freshened with a buck and a doe in 2018. She was appraised in August 2018 with a final score of 87 (V,E,V,V) as a 7 year old. Her completed 2018 lactation was 312 1252 44P 59F. She was bred to McIntosh and kidded with a buck and doe on 4/30/19. Her kids are sold. She was bred to Rummy but aborted tw ...
  | ADGA# N1595997 | black with white ears and nose
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This brown and white young buck is the son of one of my best does, Rye. She has earned her SG designation and has consistently appraised in the high 80's and low 90's.

We have been using him to breed some of our older does this Fall and Winter. His first kids are due in April.

He has been tested and is G6D (N/N) - normal, not a carrier.

Updated 11/26/2019