Gloaming Nubians

Gloaming Millet's Farad

Goat , Nubian , Kid (female) |red with white belt and britches

ADGA# tbr | DOB: 5/1/2018

Sire: Descoteaux CPL Pharaoh

Descoteaux CPL Pharaoh

Nubian Buck (male) white with brown and grey patches

ADGA# N1779176 DOB: 2/3/20168 yrs
Pharaoh is very striking buck with his large patches of color on a white background. His sire is *B Lynnehaven KB Crown Point Light and his dam is Kecskemet SD Amneris. Pharaoh has sired some growthy kids with very correct toplines.
  | ADGA# N1779176 | white with brown and grey patches
Dam: Gloaming Bibb's Millet

Gloaming Bibb's Millet

Nubian Doe (female) red with white on flank

ADGA# N1749172 DOB: 5/26/20159 yrs
Millet was appraised in 2016 as young stock. Her overall rating was EC; V, EC, EC. As a first freshener with 8 month's of milking, she appraised in 2017 with 81 (V,A,E,+). Millet was dried off early because of stubborn sub-clinical mastitis. She has kidded last year (2018) with a buckling and two doelings. She appraised in August with a final score of 87 (V,E,E,+). She milked for 336 days with 841 33P 36F. She kidded this year with a single doe kid which I am keeping.
  | ADGA# N1749172 | red with white on flank
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Updated 1/20/2023